Biophysics in the MIT Physics Department

The Physics of Living Systems Group brings together biophysics and soft matter researchers from across the Department of Physics at MIT. Research is conducted in eight different groups that include a total of over 70 scientists. The field of biophysics has experienced tremendous growth and excitement in recent years, with areas of focus ranging across all scales, from the structural organization of polymers to the evolutionary and ecological dynamics of populations. Graduate students and postdocs in the Physics of Living Systems Group benefit from an interactive and supportive intellectual community, and the Department collaborates with the wider biophysics community at MIT to bring researchers together via:

In addition to these community activities, the PLS faculty are deeply engaged in their educational mission and teach the following courses:

Undergraduates interested in biophysics are encouraged to consider the flexible option within the physics degree. This can be essentially a make-your-own biophysics degree; a possible four-year class schedule is available here.